R-Play - Remote Play for the PS4 App Reviews

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Can’t configure for internet play

The app is great I can play when I’m connected while someone else is using the tv! My problem is that I can’t configure for internet play. This error labeled “20012” keeps popping up and I can’t find why I can’t connect or what the error is. Please help!

App disconnects a lot

I bought this app and guess what it connects but it disconnected it doesn't perform as expected it really is disappointing get your money back.

Don’t waste your money

This app is unusable, it Freezes and very slow

Fun but doesn’t work well

It works good for me, but online at my home. Att routers don’t have a upnp so I can’t play it anywhere else


Good concept but it’s still choppy you have play with frame rate and resolution in order to get an okay video but after a while that goes bad

Temper your expectations, but I’m impressed

I’m shocked I’m saying this, but this app is actually kind of amazing—as long as you keep your expectations in check. I’ve been playing Persona 5 remotely with it (over the internet, not LAN), and it’s been working really well. Now, there are occasional frame rate hiccups and latency issues, and the onscreen controls are only serviceable at best, but that’s totally fine for a slower paced game like Persona. If you expect to play fast paced games remotely where tight controls and fast reaction times are important, you’re going to have a bad time. It might work OK over LAN, but it’s still not going to be great. But for certain slower games, it works nearly perfectly. A few details about my setup: I was not able to get the automatic remote setup working with my router configuration. I had to look at R-Play’s help docs for opening the right router ports to get everything working, but if you’re reasonably capable at futzing with router settings, you shouldn’t have any issues. My PS4 is connected to my router with an ethernet cable, and my home internet speeds are 60Mbps down and 6Mbps up.

Please add turbo function

Please please add turbo function. I will give five stars


App would not connect no matter what I tried even hooking it straight to Ethernet waste of 12 dollars. I was hoping this would work but no guess not.

Can’t Find Analog Stick

Great app! Works amazing but I’d like to be able to play rocket league :(


Can't play via internet unless your console is connected to you're router. How very counterintuitive. Defeats the purpose all together.

Please fix for PS4 5.0 update

Please fix for PS4 5.0 update it does not work. It was fine before ! Please fix and will update review accordingly. Thank you

Does everything I had hoped for

This app is amazing does everything well on my iPad. Some slow down but is probably due to wifi limitations not the app itself. I wish there was a controller that supported more buttons for the app to map to but again not a limitation of the app.


The app was very helpfull for when i wanted the tv screen off. Just saying there is a way to play with controller involves two accounts. My complaint would be when you need to do more complicated controlls its impossible your screen will turn grey like static and youll lose connection.

Best app ever

Must have app if you have a PS4 . Almost switched to an android but literally decided to stay with Iphone since it's not on android.

Makes my wife happy!

So I had a few questions about the app that I wasn’t really sure about until I took the plunge and purchased. 1. Does this work well? Heck yes it does! I have a PS4 Pro Wired into my network and I connected my 10.5 iPad Pro via my 5Ghz wireless network as instructed. I was able to crank the resolution to 1080p at 60fps (PS4 Pro only) and get smooth stutter free gameplay. 2. Was setup easy? Yes if you READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. The developer has done a great job providing awesome instructions on how to do everything the app describes. Including what I’m about to lead into next. 3. Can you use your PS4 controller? YEEEEEEEEESSSSS! Takes another PS4 user account to trick remote play but the instructions on how to do this is also with the app and plenty examples on YouTube as well. It is really easy to do. 4. Extras not mentioned? Yes. I can now game in my bedroom with my wife and this makes her happy lol. I synced my AirPods with my iPad to see if the audio would work through the wireless AirPods and they freaking work!!!! So now I have wireless private audio with my portable gaming stream!!! Amazing app!!!

I took a risk

For me it’s worked so well around the house I decided to purchase a nimbus controller. Customers support has been excellent, I have contacted them twice once prior to purchase and once regarding controllers and response has been polite, friendly and within 24 hours. Thank you, PS4 around the house at last.


This app works really good, it does what it is supposed to. It works at another house, but you just need good internet. If you have problems you can contact the people who created the app and they respond in 24 hours. They can help! This app is well worth buying for the $12. Just make sure your ps4 has good internet and your device has good internet.


Spent money on a app that won’t even connect to my ps4

Spent 12 bucks for no reason

I spent 12 bucks on this for no reason lol

Awesome app!!!

This is an awesome app!! I just wish there were controllers that I could buy that have the R3 and L3 button but I think that’s an Apple limitation right? I hate having the controller combinations or having to use the onscreen r3 and l3. Best money I’ve spent in a long time!!

Great application

Great application video fps should be updated

Great App

Excellent app. This app makes it feel like my PS4 is completely mobile. I had a minor issue but after reaching out to the app developer for help they walked me through a solution to get everything working as intended. I have already recommended this app to several friends.

Was not as good

I lose connection to much

Needs Update

Please please please make 1080p resolution available!!!

Best app ever

Ok so when it's time for bed my parents take my tv remote and I don't wanna get out of bed so I use this



Works Great - Stutter Tip

Worked great for about 1.5 weeks, no lag at all on iPad Pro. Then started to stutter every 5-10 mins. Messed with fps and resolution. No positive effect. Changed router setting still stuttered. Found someone in a reddit post mention they had to turn of location services on their z2. Turned that off on my iPad and it’s back to running smooth at 60fps/ 720p on local wifi.

nice app


PS Vita Replacement, no. Capable remote play??

Alright, so back in June my original PS Vita decided that it wasn't meant for this world. The screen broke and so ended my remote play sessions. So looking for alternatives to replacing my PS Vita I did a search for apps capable of making my phone respond like a Vita in remote play. All I see are four and five star reviews, and here I'm thinking I hit the jackpot. Reading up on all the ways this app integrates into your phone and connects to your Playstation 4, this is sure to be a rock solid investment for $12 plus tax. Wrong, wrong, I couldn't be more wrong. This app is clumsy at best, and certainly isn't responsive to commands. Only half of the available game library even appears on my phone screen. Then the on screen touch buttons don't work simultaneously. You can't for example input the command for a quarter circle motion forward. The touch command doesn't recognize simultaneous response. I was very disappointed. I tried this multiple times and tried various games to no success. I award this app the appropriate 1 out of 5 stars, and it receives only one star in this review, because it doesn't manage to boot up and sync with your Playstation console, but that's about all it does. Biggest waste of $12, just put it towards a replacement Vita pre-owned at GameStop, just like I did tonight. ✌🏻


Dont waste your time, i keep getting 9011 error code on registration. This might only work on ps4 4.5x software, but latest is 4.7z

Great so far

But can't play some games such as infamous due to the touch pad not on app how can u fix this ..... Hands down the best thing out I never ever ever ever paid for a single app ive done some research and had to buy

Mixed feelings

I love what the app offers. Mobility. I bought a PsVita just to use remote play but now I'm using it on my phone so the PsVita kind of became obsolete. Any who, it's very easy to connect. Make sure you have strong internet and you should be good. My only gripe is that lately I have been getting a white screen when attempting to connect. My PS4 connects, the iPhone screen becomes completely white, then it disconnects. If this bug gets fixed, I would give it 5 stars.



This application is strongly recommended.

It is amazing that you can enjoy remote from iPhone iPad. Plus, it's faster than the Sony official app. This application is strongly recommended. Please provide service for a long time !!! Add.. no problem on 4.74

Update this app please

I keep getting error messages so please fix this and update it please

Controls My PS4 From Another Room!

Can control and play my PS4 from anywhere on my wifi!Works real easy with no hassle.Once the app downloads follow the easy steps,takes no less than five minutes.

Great App. Better than Sony

Sony couldn't do this good on an ipad app if it paid apple to make it for them!


I love it

Good app still loving it!

I like it runs well! The onscreen controls are pretty good! I can't play in 1080p no pro. But on my iPhone 7plus in 720p is real good looking! So yes the app was worth it for me! More loving now I got a speedy mifi controller! Not much lag! It sure done deserve a five star! Hope you all injoy

Good app

Love it use it while im away from my house and have no problems


My IPad has become like a portable PS4 only thing I want is onscreen L3/R3, love the button combo solution but sometimes is seems like it'd be easier if we could just have an onscreen button (or just tap left/right side of screen) since MFI controllers don't have these buttons.

Better than native PS4 Remote Play app!

The latency on a direct connected PS4 and 5ghz wireless to phone is non existent! That's really what amazed me, ran better than Sonys native app on pc


This app is amazing!!! All I wanted to do was be able to play my PS4 games from my iPad screen from different rooms in my apartment. This does the trick perfectly. Haven't tried outside my home, but I don't care about that. Just wanted more mobility, and it's beautiful.

Best app ever

Love it, it's definitely worth the $12.99!

Best of the best

I don't usually spend any money on purchasing apps on App Store. But this app I believe is WELL WORTH my every dollar. I'm now able to connect to my PS4 to start any game updates whenever. When I arrive home, I'm able to start my game right away without delays. When my outside network speed is good enough, I'm able to play my games from anywhere. The support staffs are second to none. They took their time and were extremely patience with me. Although the issue was none of theirs, they took time to research and found a solution for me on my Xfinity network issue so that I can remote in from outside my home network. Trust me, this si well worth your money for only $12 or less if you ever want to play your PS4 games from anywhere.


100% Working and the controls are good To prove that I am the creator of the app and just made a bunch of fake accounts to rate this app to get its rating I'll say MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


Needs to be able to play with a normal PS4 control

works like it's official

surprised to say it but it actually works, wifi 4G LTE all connected for me with wifi obviously being the least laggy. despite the $10+ price tag I went interesting this expecting the app to barely work, if at all. but I'm pretty happy to say this app blew away my expectations if just for the fact that it works over 4G/LTE

Works great!!

This app is awesome! The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I'm using a steelseries nimbus controller instead of the on screen controls. So far I've been able to play every game I've tried on my playstation. I even figured out how to get R3 and L3 to work. it's pretty awesome to be able to play ps4 games on a phone!

Doesn't work

I bought the app getting excited for it, won't even connect nor find my PS4

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