R-Play - Remote Play for PS4 App Reviews

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Very Clunky for FPS players

To be honest I find quite bizarre to play ps4 on a phone. However, issues arise as such. For instance, I hate how I have to be within range of the PS4 to use a dual shock controller, and I have to use one because I cannot play games like call of duty with touching the screen. I started a free trial to see what it was like, and of course it was laggy. But If I want to go anywhere like on vacation, I have to play with the clunky touch screen. So for those whole play FPS games, I recommend the ps vita instead.

It’s a great app but it’s so laggy

I really love this app but it’s sometimes so laggy and I cant do anything and it turns off my iPad or kicks me out of the app. P.s one of the best apps ever.

I want my money back

I hate this app so expensive


Why the subscription?

Don’t download

Can’t even try it out!!!! Wants you to do monthly payments before even trying it out

Love the internet play but...

Internet play is good when my ps4 is on at home I can play at school but my ps4 has to be on can you do one where you can turn off the ps4 because it has to be on and my family keeps turning it off.

Yearly sub?!?!?

FFS. This used to be a one-time purchase app, not a sub app. This change is awful. Pure money grab. This needs to be changed back. Boo.

Amazing app but not willing to commit

The app works as it should. And it’s pretty amazing. Even though the sub fee is cheap per year The fact it had one is what killed it for me. If it was a one time pay and have it for life. That’s fine but I’m not willing to add another sub fee to my list of fees just for the convenience of playing on my phone and tablet.



It should be free

It should be free because on Android it is so it should be the same for iOS.


I bought this thinking that it would work. After I payed for the subscription, the tutorial came up and said if your PS4 isn’t connected via LAN to the WiFi then it won’t work. Don’t buy this if that is the case for you.

Great Customer Support

These guys were very prompt with replies when I encountered an issue with connecting to my PS4. They resolved my issue promptly and I was back up and running in no time. Thanks for the great app and great support!

Good app with obvious limitations.

If you get used to on-screen controls, it's rather good. But I can’t figure out how to “shake controller” in Heavy rain?

Good, but problems

Good app that lets you play with another screen in case your television is taken. I have been tying to play away from home and it just doesn’t seem to work. I’m not the best with the whole open a port thing with my router but it’s really a pain if you do not have any knowledge of how to change your router settings.

WTH is this

I bought this for 12 dollars without any rescue ring fee and now I’m suppose to oh another 12 dollars all of a sudden? It looks like the app is free now and is a subscription service so why the hell did you make me buy this I want a full refund

Great app



Too laggy


There is noting wrong with the app it’s the fact I have to pay for 2 bills one for ps plus and this crap


Why do you have to have a subscription can’t you just let the person who downloaded this use it for free

I’d like to refund

I did not know that it would auto-renew and it wasted my $15 gift card so I deleted it and I want my money back.

I don’t like it not free

Fake don’t working need 13 $

Works about 30% of the time

Garbage - don’t waste your money.


I shouldn’t have to put in my credit card info when it allows me to have a two week FREE trial, that doesn’t sound all that free to me

Not expected

The app is really fun is just u can’t use a PS4 controller on it and if u play on the app wherever u go on the app the PlayStation follows u example u go and play minecraft the PlayStation turns on and goes on to minecraft

Great APP

I was skeptical 🤨 at first and couldn’t set to play over the internet to play outside from my apartment. The I submitted my Isis to the support thinking 🤔 they won’t get me help. But to my amazement technical support was fast. They walked me through the settings on my router which was the issue to begin with. I’ve been using the app mostly on my iPad to not bother my wife and it works great. Used it a few times outside and the road and definitely love it 😍. Totally worth it.

I need support

Hey i purchased this before the yearly subscription started and i got a new phone but after loging in my apple id in my new phone i downloaded this app it is asking to pay 11.99 or start trial this shouldnt happen help please.

It’s not capable of the SIMPLEST things.

I play MLB The Show 18 and I got this app because my remote broke and I wanted to gain stubs while I got it fixed. I started card flipping in the market and there were several instances where the app would lag out and I would accidentally buy a player. Don’t pay money for this app. Just cancel it after your free trial. It’s a piece of junk and I’ve lost a lot of stubs for it.

Highly Recommend!

It's well worth the price. They could actually charge more. I never imagine I would be able to control my madden franchise from my phone. Up until now I used the madden companion app which is terrible. Great app guys, this is the first time I ever wrote a review. Kudos!

I took a risk

For me it’s worked so well around the house I decided to purchase a nimbus controller. Customers support has been excellent, I have contacted them twice once prior to purchase and once regarding controllers and response has been polite, friendly and within 24 hours. Update June 2018 6 or so months on and the app is still working great. PlayStation in any room and I would recommend the nimbus steel controller, though yes it’s a bit expensive.

Great but...

It’s a great, it works perfectly well the controllers are hard to get comfortable with , with some games but if you manage to get your duelshock connected this isn’t a problem but the main minor problem I have is that the screen will lag for a second or 2 an in most games thats crucial especially for racing or shooters. I hope future updates help this more but other then that, this is an amazing app if you ever wanted to play your game console on your iPad and iPhone

Don’t buy this app until fixed

I purchased the app for around 10 dollars like almost a year ago and now you also have to pay a additional $11.99 per year. Why would you pay 10 dollars for the app then pay 11.99 per year. That’s not right for an app that is already paid for.


Can you use a PlayStation controller for this app

Rplay please see this

Ok the app is ok but you have to pay When I saw that this app was free I was like yay this is the greatest app ever but now I’m disappointed


I thought this was free but I have to give my card information to be able to play. Please fix it and make it free.

I love it and can sign in for free instead of paying

Because I love your thing and your thinking it’s amazing and I love how u did this and I just want to connect to my friends so I can try and play with friends and thanks u so much and I will repay u guys


Extremely easy to set up and works beautifully

The “free” trial

It’s not free! I have to pay like $11.00 for the “free” trial! They couldn’t have just made an upgrade and leave this one for free! I can’t see its features so I’m leaving it at no stars.

Hecka wack

So I bought the app for 10 bucks last year, and it was amazing, but recently I opened the app to play and it now requires a subscription. So basically I wasted money on this app. That’s all I wanted to say, I’m just mad

Terrible app too slow and laggy

This app is too slow and laggy on my iPhone 8 this is not a good app it works but too slow and not good unless you have fast internet


It made me pay it is. A free app so why do we need to pay

I’m frustrated and upset

Why is their a free trial why can’t it actually be free I don’t have $12 I have 9 cents. Please make it free the normal apps are boring.

Hold the “beep”

It just turned free today, XDDDD

This app is Trash

This Don’t let me Downloaded

Lots of bugs and glitches

It does not even let me purchase it it always says purchase failed whenever I try to use it

Something I don’t like about this app

I don’t like that you have to pay for trial if she just be free🤔


Why pay 12 bucks to just play phone games with controller

So I just bought this app a few weeks ago

Now I’m stuck with a yearly subscription app ? If I would’ve known that I wouldn’t have bought it , I need a refund I’ll delete this app and consider the yearly but that’s kind of unfair in my opinion Update back to 5 stars ,I do appreciate the speedy response and that y’all with not make me or other who did believe in this product !!! It does work fantastic and def would love to see how we could use the PS4 controller remotely but I know y’all might have to get Sony’s help either way great app and again I appreciate your teams hard work !


Discriminating against new users,same money only can use 1 year.

Worth it? Plz tell me

Is this even worth it paying yearly?....I tried with the vita & it lags a lot & didnt play well ....is this any different ?


Can you make it free for everyone to play

  • send link to app