R-Play - Remote Play for PS4 App Reviews


Extremely easy to set up and works beautifully

The “free” trial

It’s not free! I have to pay like $11.00 for the “free” trial! They couldn’t have just made an upgrade and leave this one for free! I can’t see its features so I’m leaving it at no stars.

Hecka wack

So I bought the app for 10 bucks last year, and it was amazing, but recently I opened the app to play and it now requires a subscription. So basically I wasted money on this app. That’s all I wanted to say, I’m just mad

Terrible app too slow and laggy

This app is too slow and laggy on my iPhone 8 this is not a good app it works but too slow and not good unless you have fast internet


It made me pay it is. A free app so why do we need to pay

I’m frustrated and upset

Why is their a free trial why can’t it actually be free I don’t have $12 I have 9 cents. Please make it free the normal apps are boring.

Hold the “beep”

It just turned free today, XDDDD

This app is Trash

This Don’t let me Downloaded

Lots of bugs and glitches

It does not even let me purchase it it always says purchase failed whenever I try to use it

Something I don’t like about this app

I don’t like that you have to pay for trial if she just be free🤔


Why pay 12 bucks to just play phone games with controller

So I just bought this app a few weeks ago

Now I’m stuck with a yearly subscription app ? If I would’ve known that I wouldn’t have bought it , I need a refund I’ll delete this app and consider the yearly but that’s kind of unfair in my opinion Update back to 5 stars ,I do appreciate the speedy response and that y’all with not make me or other who did believe in this product !!! It does work fantastic and def would love to see how we could use the PS4 controller remotely but I know y’all might have to get Sony’s help either way great app and again I appreciate your teams hard work !


Discriminating against new users,same money only can use 1 year.

Worth it? Plz tell me

Is this even worth it paying yearly?....I tried with the vita & it lags a lot & didnt play well ....is this any different ?


Can you make it free for everyone to play

Amazing app!

Does absolutely everything you want it to now. Mifi support works great, Close to zero lag on my Mad Catz controller. Awesome colors and very little artifacts problems. I did however notice some problems with running PlayStation now, however I have a feeling that it is most likely because of network limitations because the PlayStation four games work perfect. Now, this isn’t exactly going to be a replacement for your 60 Hz television when you are playing competitive overwatch. You still get another 50 ms of lag by using this program. However third person shooters, RPGs, puzzle games and platforms are excellent!!! Even FF14 plows through this in 60 FPS mode. Definitely worth the cost if you are short on TVs


It is making me pay though I bought the app when it was onetime paid, I do not want to have to pay yearly, can I at least get a year free or something? Edit: I updated again and now it lets me get in without paying the yearly thing. 5 stars


No controller support

No good

No no no gooddd

To much $$$$$$

So this is good and all we have to bug the app than buy a subscription what is this for real we already have to buy the app why do we have to buy more stuff also it’s literally $11.99 a month heck no


Not everyone has money for that


Getting it set up wasn't that hard. That doesn't matter if it is impossible to play any games though. Even on the lowest settings it is way too lagy to play anything. I have fast wifi with my ps4 connected to a language cable, and there is still a 5 plus second delay on the lowest settings. Not mention the pixels get really messed up every few seconds. Of you are playing on the same wifi as what your ps4 is connected to, then is is kind of playable. It's still a bit lagy though. Another problem is there is no way to press the joystick buttons. Also no way to use the touch pad. If this app was better at having a good connection then it would be pretty good as long as you had a MFI controller. Still the main thing that it's supposed to do doesn't work so one star.

Monthly subscription for an app?

I bet you lost so many people with that feature I’d rather just buy a Sony phone to hell with that.

Not spending money for 1 year

So this app shows “Get” on the appstore, I start to think this might be free after all, but no I got the pay! Make your app show the price again or you will drop to 2 stars.


I miss the old one now we have to pay every month for this wow



One of the best apps I've ever bought

I never have time to play games in front of the TV anymore, and I kind of have up on it. When I heard about this program I was skeptical, but I have it a shot and I'm glad I did. I was able to play the new God of War all the way through without disturbing anybody in my house. The MFi controller took a little getting used to, but it worked fine. Thanks for making such a good thing!

Great App!!

I’ve been looking for a way to play ps4 while my girlfriend is watching tv. We only own one tv. This app allows me to do that with my iPad Pro. I connect my router via lan to the PS4, then I use my created profile for playing games, but also create another profile to just connect the controller, then press connect. I then release the tv to my girlfriend and I can now play ps4 on iPad screen with my console controller and am now free to sit where ever I want. There’s a couple of YouTube videos that show you how to do this in more detail. Great job developers!


There was so much lag please fix this the screen would not show up.

Surprisingly this works really well.

On one particular Monday evening, I was playing some fortnite. Things got heated. I ran out of resources. And I fell to my death. Thus, leading me to toss my headphones and they bounced off the ground and smacked the corner of my TV. And KAPUT, It was gone forever. After spending the next hour sitting by the river, contemplating what I shall do next. I remembered of an app on my phone that I did not want to pay $11.99 for. But I looked at it anyways. And boy was I happy. FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL. I once again felt whole, as I’d be able to once again get destroyed by a bunch of tryhard 12 year olds. So I downloaded the app, Expecting awful amounts of lag. I received none. None whatsoever. Granted, I am sitting next to my PlayStation and router. I am running an iPhone 8+. 100mb internet. Regular old PlayStation. This app is actually really awesome. Can’t speak for playing it while away from home. But at home. This thing is a godsend. Get it! Also played 4 games of competitive NHL 18. Won all of them and had no lag issues or lag input issues from my DS4. Only thing I’ll say. Games are unplayable with the touch screen. Have to use a controller.


At first you have to pay $11.99 for a trial for one year

Good App But

Can you make it so you don’t need a subscription to use please


Pitch Sony and Apple. Make it happen, the tech is there. Take it one step further. This app is Sony’s way into something huge, with DS4 support this could be amazing. I’ll keep a watchful eye.


Before downloading this app, make sure your PS4 is connected via LAN cable. If you have it wireless you will not be able to play games smoothly enough for it to be enjoyable.

Good app

I bought this app I was just so amazed how much work you put into this app I mean this app is years worthy I will buy every app of R-Play because it really helps me play ps4 Fortnite on a iPhone 6 which is actually pretty cool 😎 I paid 10$ for it but it was way worth it tho keep up the good work bro


I’d like a refund please

total rip off

it doesnt even let u sign in no matter what u do the instructions are very inaccurate they dont help at all i want my money back.

Add in

It’s ok but it would be a lot better if you can be able to play anywhere anytime

Before you push the update

Please give the people permanent membership who got the app before it costs yearly memberships because if we use it and like it like I do we should get a free year or something because we are long time members



Best app ever

Love it

Internet play

It won’t let me configure internet play so I can’t play outside my home please fix this I’d love to play ps4 at school and away from my home

Worth it!!!!

It works so well and I can connect my controller to it it works fine (YouTube it) and I can play if I’m in bed in the morning and don’t want to go downstairs I can play on my phone and the graphics are surprisingly good!!

Pretty good

Obviously most people are downloading this to play fortnite or whatever. It’s pretty easy and fun but the controls are pretty difficult to get used to however better than nothing. I can’t configure the internet play feature and that’s a problem. Most likely easily fixed via manual configuration but I have no idea what a WAN host is so if anyone could explain what mine is or how to find it that would be great. Great app works better than expected, just the setting up guide is difficult to understand


This app will soon be a subscription based app. I wish I would’ve known that ahead of time and I would’ve held off buying. App is SUPER laggy, I have fiber optics at my house and it still didn’t work very well.


I wanted this app for a while I finally got it and it’s amazing it is worth the money It works in 2018 thank you developer my life is so much better now the on screen controls aren’t that good but you get used to it This is the best app I ever got it’s amazing I really really love it

You would think it’s a fraud but it works!

I downloaded the app thinking oh I just wasted a lot of money but then I set everything up and it works really well.

Hurry before June 4th!

They will require a subscription after June 4th but I guess if you bought the app way before you won’t have to subscribe to the app.


It won’t let you play over internet to play away from home on iPhone

It’s a great app

On June 3rd they are switching to subscription style app those that already bought this app wont have to pay the subscription fee. They’re going to make it a free trial app then requires a subscription. If purchased before June 3rd you get to keep the app without having to pay subscription fee. I got a notification from them stating they were switching.

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